Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Tuesday, 1/3

  • breakfast: croissant; orangina
  • lunch: sült hurka on bread; pickle
  • dinner: pheasant consommé; catfish with garlic and spinach; wine (Tokaji furmint); Sómloi galuska (cake, whipped cream, chocolate sauce, rum); cassis bavaroise

The croissant was not bad for coming from an airport. I had orangina since Joel told me it was French.

There was a butcher in the Kőbánya-Kispest metro station, so I bought some lunch while Joel bought metro tickets. It was after lunch, so they were out of kolbász (a kind of sausage), and I instead had to get hurka, a sausage made out of rice and pork liver. It wasn't good. A Hungarian family once gave me their homemade hurka, which was good, so it's not just dislike of liver that makes me say that.

We went to Borbíróság for our final meal in Budapest. Everything was good, though the soup was too oily and the catfish was overseasoned. (It was good enough, though, to make me resolve to cook catfish next semester, as it's one of the few easily available fishes in Budapest.) Borbíróság is a nice place, whatever Pestiside says about them, but they have a huge menu and not everything on it is great. I offer these guidelines for eating there:

  • skip the appetizers, except for the tongue and, if you're in the mood for it, the paté
  • order duck or a fogásfilé (hidden somewhere at the end of the menu)
  • try different wines--this is the best chance in Budapest to do that
  • desserts are big enough for two people

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