Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Saturday, 12/31

  • breakfast: pain au chocolat
  • lunch: escargot; steak tartare with fried potatoes and salad; wine; tarte tatin; crème brulée, poached pair
  • dinner: brie; some other kind of cheese; crackers; sausage; bread; champagne; clementines

The chocolate in the pain au chocolat was really good chocolate.

At lunch I took every opportunity to order weird things. The snails were delicious: little chewy balls drenched in basil. I scooped up the excess sauce with the bread, which was the best I've ever eaten. The waitress made sure I understood what steak tartare was before she let me order it. It really was like beef sushi. I don't just mean just that it's raw and so is sushi, but that it really tasted like sushi. It was seasoned with horseradish, which made that connection even more apparent. Crystal tried it and liked it; Joel didn't dare. The only problem with it is that a huge mound of raw beef is too much. The fried potatoes and salad that came with it helped to break the monotony, but the dish would have been better as an appetizer. All the desserts were amazing. The tarte tatin was especially good for its strong caramel flavor.

The brie at dinner was very good, as were the rolls we got. The champagne was great (it was praised as being nothing like the champagne served to us at our end-of-semester party). After we ate we met up with Joel's friend Dongbo (great name) and his French friends, who when I asked told me they didn't speak English, Spanish, or Hungarian. We went to the Champs-Elysees, where there was no countdown to midnight, forcing people just to cheer randomly as it got close.

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