Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Monday, 1/2

  • breakfast: half of a baguette au campagne
  • lunch: falafel sandwich, frites, lemonade from L'As du Falafel
  • dinner: dinner: pumpkin soup; steak au poivre; caramel sundae; wine

The falafel sandwich we got was supposed to be noteworthy. It was fine, but I've had better in Budapest. More places should start putting pickled cabbage into falafel sandwiches in the Hungarian style. (Oasis in Williamsburg does.) The lemonade was good.

For dinner we went to Polidor, which Joel's father recommended. The pumpkin soup was completely unexciting. I have fonder memories of the pumpkin soup at my local taqueria, a restaurant that I don't even like. The steak was good, though possibly because we never go to expensive restaurants we never get the best cuts. They're never dense. (I've never heard anyone describe good steak as dense, but good steak seems to somehow have more meat packed into a smaller space.) I'm still happy to be somewhere where not all meat is pork and not all meat is overseasoned. My dessert was not what I wanted: I was aiming for caramel ice cream with chocolate sauce, but instead got caramel ice cream with caramel sauce. It was still pretty good, especially the whipped cream.

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