Saturday, January 14, 2006

Thursday, 12/29

  • breakfast: croissant, jam, prosciutto, roll, orange juice, cappuccino
  • lunch: sparkling wine; horse stew with polenta
  • dinner: glass of prosecco; pressed prosciutto and cheese sandwich; expresso

As should be apparent, breakfast at the hotel was free.

When we entered the old Roman arena, we saw David, from our program, with his family. We tagged along with him for the day, which meant we had a fancier than expected lunch. Horse is a Veronese specialty. It tasted like brisket or pot roast; probably I would have thought it was beef if I had tried it unaware. The restaurant's polenta had a stronger corn flavor than what I make, which I blame on the bad corn meal in Budapest.

We paid our check and rushed off to catch our train, arriving at the station a very irresponsible five minutes after its scheduled departure. Never was I so happy to learn, then, that our train was forty minutes late. This meant we couldn't catch our connection, but we got our tickets switched to a direct train that would get us to Geneva a bit later than expected. And so, we ate a mediocre train station meal (prosecco was good, though).

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