Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Today is a snow day! Sure, we only got two inches of snow, but that was enough to cancel my students' calculus midterm. I had a fun walk through the snow to the liquor store to buy some cognac for my grandma's cranberry sauce. Lindsay took a picture that shows how nice autumn snow is:

In other news, Lindsay got a haircut, and I'm going to Berkeley for a conference at MSRI in two weeks. Here's a picture of the haircut:

Haircuts make you happier.


Seth said...

This is all excellent news. I especially like the haircut. (The snow's quite nice, too.)

Also, I've been stockpiling cranberries in my freezer for the long, cold, then warm, then hot, winter/spring/summer ahead. That way, I can have sauce whenever I want it.

Toby said...

I need to stockpile some cranberries too. Then I need to make some muffins.