Wednesday, January 05, 2011

More Apartment Improvement

Since we got back from Minnesota, Lindsay and I have made two big improvements to the apartment. Here are our new bedroom curtains:

These took a few months to make. We bought fabric and curtain rods back in August or September, but then we had to wait for December so that Lindsay could use her mother's sewing machine. Off to the side, you can see Lindsay sewing a different set of curtains, which we'll put up when we get bored of these bright pink ones. I should also mention that even though I keep saying that "we" did various things, Lindsay did all the work, from hemming the curtains to putting up the rod. Really the only thing I did was choose the pattern.

The other new thing is this wire rack:

We moved our bag of rice and jug of peanut oil off the floor and onto the first rack. We emptied out a cabinet onto the second rack. The third rack got our bucket of granola and a few other containers of food, most of which had been crowded on top of our refrigerator.


Kim said...

Great use, Toby, for a MN Roundy's ice cream bucket! Also, I really like how those curtains look - I'm sure that the room has a beautiful red glow to it with the sun shining through them.

Toby said...

Thanks! Also, thanks for the buckets. We have one putting the Minnesota stamp on our compost, and another that's usually holding bread dough.