Saturday, August 28, 2010


Our housewarming party lived up to its name: 20 people, lots of baking, and the rare 90 degree Seattle day meant it was hot. Here's the menu:

  • Green chile (pork and tomatillos)
  • Red curry with tofu and string beans
  • Baba ghanouj
  • Tomato and bread salad
  • Kale with peanut butter
  • Various breads, plus some naan from dough which was to be bread but came out much too wet
  • Blueberry buckle
  • Homemade honey wine

A housewarming present.

Lindsay shapes a pretty loaf.

The honey wine was fizzy and sweet, and it had a faint mint flavor. My guess is that it was something like 3 or 4% alcohol. Next time I'll let it ferment in my closet until it's dry.

Honey wine with a slice of lime.

I finished up my calculus class and Lindsay finished up hers; our students did pretty well. Things are calm now, as illustrated by this still life:

After Lindsay's prelims in September, we will rush off on the train to Vancouver. Any restaurant (or other) recommendations?

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