Thursday, April 03, 2008

Friday, March 21, 2008

  • dinner: Szegedi filézett pontyhalászzlé (Szeged sliced carp soup); a palacsinta filled with black currant jam

We departed Gyöngyös in the afternoon with the help of our new friend Tibi, who works in the power plant in Visonta. Fifteen minutes out of Gyöngyös the terrain was flat as a palacsinta. We had made it to the Puszta, the great Hungarian plain. Tibi drove us from Gyöngyös to Kiskunfélegyháza, and after a short train ride we were in Szeged. At our pension, the son of the owner was eager to talk to us in English. He sent us off to dinner with some recommendations. We ate at Matusalem, or possibly at Matuzsalem: they used both spellings in different signs around the restaurant.

Not being very hungry, we just ordered soup. Each serving of soup, however, came in a little pot that held three bowlfuls. My carp soup had big chunks of fish and little shreds too. The broth was stained red with paprika. It was the first time I had carp soup and liked it wholeheartedly. Giovanna had a rich bean soup with ham and sour cream. We ended the meal with a palacsinta filled with black currant jam. It was the typical, delicious Hungarian palacsinta.

Matusalem Étterem
Széchenyi tér 13

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