Thursday, January 24, 2008

Cuts of Pork in Hungarian

This won't be the most interesting post, but I hope that like this list of fishes in Hungarian and English, it will be useful.

  • hosszú karaj
    blade-end loin (the part of the loin closest to the shoulder).
  • rövid karaj
    rib-end loin (the back end of the loin).
  • szűzpecsenye
  • tarja
    Boston butt (the top of the shoulder)
  • lapocka
    picnic shoulder (the top of the front leg)
  • oldalás
  • comb
    fresh ham (the back leg)
  • csülök
    hocks (the bottom of the legs)
  • tokaszalonna
    pork belly from the front of the pig
  • dagadó
    pork belly from the rear of the pig
  • farok

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