Sunday, February 25, 2007

Godly Treats

A few weeks ago I found myself walking through Hamden, and I passed a bakery called Godly Treats. As I am tolerant of all religions that provide me food, I went in, where a very nice woman greeted me and told me I could have a free taste of anything I wanted. I went home with a bean pie ("Have you ever had one before?" they asked me) and the belief that the place was run by the Nation of Islam. Nope! It's run by the United Nation of Islam, a group "which is a separate and non related entity than the similar sounding 'Nation of Islam.'" I can't make too much fun of them because their bean pie was really good. It was like a pumpkin pie made with mashed up navy beans instead of pumpkin. In fact, I'm sure I could have passed it off as pumpkin pie. If I'm ever in Kansas City, I'll go to their restaurant, Your Diner, "A Place For Us To Develop Ideas And Enjoy Wholesome And Delicious Food In An Environment Of Righteousness."

Yes, this is a weird organization.


Joel said...

I think you've just formulated an excellent model of religious tolerance. They might need to work on their business plan, though.

Joel said...

Well, here's the answer to my own quip:

"Operating entirely with a staff of volunteers, Godly Treats is not a business as much as it is a classroom established by the United Nation of Islam."

Seth said...


But why on earth were you in Hamden?

Also, Joel, we should get together again sometime.

Rebecca said...

Did they have sweet potato pie?

Toby said...

I can't remember but I'm pretty sure they did.

Incidentally, I know many Rebeccas--are you one of them, or are you some other Rebecca?